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When you’re looking for discounts in the Weekly Ad, make sure to keep your eye out for the Aldi Finds. These deals are highlighted in red throughout the ad. Don’t forget to check out their website, ALDI.us for their weekly deals, ALDI finds and a great assortment of recipes. If you get anything from ALDI or make a recipe with ALDI ingredients you can share it with the hashtag, #ALDIlove. Andrew blogs about all things personal finance, and has a passion for helping people pursue financial freedom through saving money, making money, and building wealth. He documents his family’s journey to financial independence through side hustles while raising 2 kids on a single income.

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  • Little Journey Diapers have a hypoallergenic liner that contains Aloe and Vitamin E. These substances will keep your baby’s sensitive skin safe from developing any irritations or diaper rashes.
  • ALDI knows every feeding journey is different and a baby’s nutritional needs evolve over time.
  • My name is Andrew and we launched this blog with the mission to help YOU take control of your finances.
  • The main difference in pull-ups and potty training pants is that potty training pants can be washed and reused.

Its active ingredient is allantoin, which helps prevent dry, itchy skin as well as minor skin irritations. It’s also free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances, and petroleum. Plus, it’s formulated especially for sensitive and atopic skin in babies. Its active ingredient is zinc oxide, which works to repel water away from skin and create a safe barrier for healing. One of the benefits of this product is that the ingredients are all natural. The ointment contains almond oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter, which all work to soften and recondition your baby’s skin.

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Not only are Aldi-exclusive food products great quality, but their pantry and household staples are also excellent. When stores were facing toilet paper shortages, Aldi customers were relieved to toddler toys discover Aldi’s TP and paper towels work just as well as national brands. Plus, Aldi’s Little Journey baby diapers hold their own against mega brands and are almost half the cost. Our son became immediately upset when wet whereas he was content for much longer in Pampers.

Making The Switch To Aldi

If you’re feeling a little stuck and aren’t quite sure what to cook, don’t worry! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ALDI Test Kitchen recipes to give you and your family some dinner inspiration. Print the shopping list for each recipe and head over to your nearest ALDI. Did you know 63% of Americans decide what to eat less than an hour before eating? Families are busier than ever, so taking time out of a hectic week to slow down and savor a meal together is key to quality family time. Mealtime also gives you an opportunity to eat more nourishing foods with the ones you love.

This cuts down on the use of plastic, a material that’s harmful to environment. Aldi is also careful to avoid waste with their packaging and display materials, which is why they repeatedly use cardboard boxes throughout the store. The employees are also handsomely compensated, allowing them to attract quality people who can provide you with a pleasant and speedy checkout experience.

Here Are The Top Products:

If you need two wipes to do the job of one more expensive one, that’s also unhelpful. We’d rather scrimp and save in any other possible way, in order to keep our kids healthy and safe. Aldi’s house baby brand, Little Journey, gets top marks from the experts, including the Good Housekeeping Institute, while still managing to be less expensive than leading brands at other stores. People who have babies in their lives are all too familiar with the occasional diaper blowout (for the uninitiated, that’s when the grimier contents of said diaper spill out of it). That’s why Jennifer LaBracio, gear editor at registry site Babylist, recommends buying a small amount from a few different brands to try before committing to one. “It’s a little trial and error because you want something that is snug around the legs but not too tight, and you want something where the waistband cinches nicely but doesn’t dig in,” she says.

And in the past few years, it has become one of the largest chains of products in the country. Aldi diapers clearly aren’t the most effective or environmentally-friendly, but when it comes to budget diapers, it might be worth giving them a go. So Aldi’s diapers are letting us down a bit with their lack of transparency, although this is an issue with many brands, even those who claim to be eco-friendly! On the other hand, Aldi is great at letting us know what isn’t in the diapers, which is just as important.

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The Friendly Farms label products come from a VT-based company called Ehrmann Commonwealth Dairy, whose parent company Ehrmann AG is based in Germany. The only downside I can think of is that these don’t have the color-changing “wetness indicator” strips that other brands have (though maybe that’s why they’re cheaper?). My wife was disappointed to learn these were without, but has easily adapted to where she no longer misses it. I mean, in the grand scheme of things, it’s really kind of a pointless feature—how hard is it to tell if a diaper is full of piss or not?